The Underrated Strength of Sejuani, the Pig Lady of League of Legends


Sejuani, the Pig Lady of League of Legends, often gets overlooked by players due to her unorthodox playstyle and underwhelming appearance. However, seasoned Sejuani players know that they hold an ace in their sleeves every time she is picked. In this article, we will explore the underrated strength of Sejuani and how she can make a difference in any team composition.

The Underrated Strength of Sejuani, the Pig Lady of League of Legends,The Underrated Strength of Sejuani, the Pig Lady of League of Legends,第1张

Sejuani's Unique Playstyle

Sejuani is a tank champion that deals magic damage. Unlike traditional tanks that rely on armor and health stats to absorb enemy damage, Sejuani takes a different approach. Her skills revolve around crowd control and disabling enemy movement, allowing her team to take advantage of her opponent's weak spots.

Sejuani's Q ability, Arctic Assault, allows her to charge forward, knocking enemies in her path and stunning the first enemy champion hit. Her W ability, Winter's Wrath, deals damage to nearby enemies, with bonus damage to enemy champions if they are already afflicted with a status effect. Her E ability, Permafrost, deals damage and slows enemies around Sejuani, with the slow duration increasing depending on how many stacks of Frost are on the enemy. Finally, her ultimate ability, Glacial Prison, fires a missile that explodes on impact dealing damage and stunning all nearby enemies.

Sejuani's Role in Team Composition

Sejuani's unique playstyle makes her an excellent addition to a team composition that requires crowd control and initiation. She can easily start a team fight with her ultimate ability, Glacial Prison, allowing her teammates to follow up with their own skills. Furthermore, her crowd control abilities can disrupt enemy team formation, making it difficult for them to execute their strategies.

As a tank champion, Sejuani can also absorb a significant amount of damage, making her an ideal frontliner for her team. With her passive ability, Fury of the North, Sejuani gains bonus armor and magic resist depending on the number of enemy champions around her. This makes her especially effective in team fights, where she can soak up damage while her teammates dish out the damage.

Sejuani's Build and Runes

To maximize Sejuani's potential, players must build her with items that increase her crowd control and durability. Starting with a Sunfire Cape and Mercury's Treads, players can further improve her durability with items such as Dead Man's Plate and Randuin's Omen. For additional crowd control, players can also build items such as Rylai's Crystal Scepter, which causes Sejuani's abilities to slow enemies more.

As for runes, players can take Resolve as their primary rune tree and choose Grasp of the Undying as their keystone rune. This rune grants Sejuani extra damage and health regeneration for every attack on an enemy champion. For secondary runes, players can choose Font of Life, Bone Plating, and Overgrowth, which provide additional crowd control, durability, and health regeneration for Sejuani.

Sejuani's Synergy with Other Champions

Sejuani works well with champions that can take advantage of her crowd control abilities. Champions that deal area-of-effect damage can benefit greatly from Sejuani's ultimate ability, Glacial Prison, as it can lock down multiple enemies at once. Likewise, champions that deal damage over time or rely on stuns can benefit from Sejuani's W and E abilities, which can apply stacks of Frost to enemies.

Some examples of champions that work well with Sejuani include Kennen, who can use his ultimate ability, Slicing Maelstrom, to deal massive damage to enemies hit by Sejuani's Glacial Prison. Another example is Twitch, who can use his ultimate ability, Spray and Pray, to deal damage to enemies hit by Sejuani's W ability.


Sejuani, the Pig Lady of League of Legends, may look unimpressive at first glance, but players that take the time to master her unique playstyle can reap great rewards. With her crowd control abilities and durability, Sejuani can change the tide of a team fight and make it difficult for enemies to execute their strategies. By building Sejuani with items that enhance her durability and crowd control, players can maximize her potential and take advantage of her strengths.