The Requiem of the Defiler: A Haunting Summon to the Fields of Justice



The Requiem of the Defiler: A Haunting Summon to the Fields of Justice,The Requiem of the Defiler: A Haunting Summon to the Fields of Justice,第1张

As the summoners gather in the mystical realm of the Fields of Justice, a strange and ominous chant echoes through the air. A haunting voice, full of sorrow and rage, cries out the Requiem of the Defiler - a dark summon that calls forth the dreaded champion of the Shadow Isles, the Death Singer herself, Karthus. With every verse, the summon resounds with more power and the champions prepare themselves for the battle that awaits them.

The Legend of the Death Singer

Karthus, the infamous Death Singer, was once a mortal man who longed for eternal life. Seeking the power of undeath, he made a pact with the Shadow Isles, and through their dark magic, he was transformed into a lich, a being of immense power and utter terror. With his ability to channel life force into deadly energy, he became known as the Requiem of the Living, a master of death and destruction. It was said that the mere sound of his voice could bring down entire armies, and his haunting melodies still echo through the centuries.

The Summoning of Karthus

To call forth the Death Singer, the summoners must recite the Requiem of the Defiler. The chant is long and complex, requiring deep knowledge of the Shadow Isles' arcane mysteries. The summoners must also offer a sacrifice of blood, given willingly by a champion who has defeated an enemy in battle. The Death Singer will only answer a call if she senses true power and cunning in the summoners' hearts.

The Power of the Death Singer

Once summoned, Karthus will enter the Fields of Justice, bringing with him a deadly aura of deathly energies. His ability to channel life force into destructive power is unmatched, and his ultimate ability, Requiem, can deal massive damage to all enemy champions across the entire battlefield. With his ominous presence, the Death Singer is a master of both psychological warfare and destructive force, feared and respected by all who oppose him.

The Battle of the Summoners

As the Death Singer enters the fray, the true test of the summoners begins. With Karthus on their side, the champions have an unparalleled advantage, but the enemy will not back down so easily. The battle rages on, with spells and weapons flying back and forth, and the Requiem of the Defiler resonating through the air. In the end, only one side will come out victorious, with the Death Singer herself deciding the outcome of the fight.

The Aftermath of the Summoning

Once the battle is won, the summoners must appease the Death Singer so that she will return to the Shadow Isles. They must offer her a gift of great power, such as a rare spell or weapon, and show her proper respect. Failure to do so may result in her anger and vengeance, making her wrath felt across the Fields of Justice. With the summoning of Karthus complete, the summoners can only await the next time they will be called upon to use the dark magic of the Shadow Isles.


The Requiem of the Defiler is a haunting summon that brings forth the power of the Death Singer, Karthus, onto the Fields of Justice. With his unmatched ability to channel life force into deadly energy, and his ominous presence, the Death Singer is a force to be reckoned with. However, the summoners must show respect and caution, for the power of the Shadow Isles is not to be taken lightly. The summoning of Karthus is both a blessing and a curse, and those who dare to call forth the Death Singer must be prepared for the consequences.