Unleashing the Power of Runes: An Essential Guide to Mastering Mage Runes in League of Legends



In League of Legends, runes are essential components that can make or break the game. Runes allow players to customize their champion's stats and provide them with additional bonuses that aid them in their quest for victory. In this article, we will be focusing on mage runes and how they can be used to unleash your champion's full potential. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, this guide is here to assist you in mastering mage runes.

Understanding Mage Runes

Before diving into the specific mage runes, it is essential to understand what runes are and how they work. In League of Legends, runes provide players with additional stats, which are not present in the game's item shop. Players can choose from a variety of runes, including primary and secondary runes, to customize their champion's stats.

In mage runes, players typically choose to focus on ability power, mana regen, and cooldown reduction. These stats help mages deal more damage, cast spells more frequently, and stay in the lane longer, making them formidable opponents.

Primary Mage Runes

The primary mage runes are divided into three categories: Domination, Sorcery, and Inspiration. Each category offers different bonuses that cater to a mage's skillset.

1. Domination Runes

Domination runes focus on burst damage and assassination. For mages that like to deal massive amounts of damage quickly, the Domination category is the way to go. The three primary runes in the Domination category are Electrocute, Predator, and Dark Harvest.

Electrocute is a popular rune that activates when the mage lands three separate attacks or abilities within three seconds. It deals bonus damage that scales off the mage's level and ability power. Predator increases the mage's movement speed temporarily and provides bonus damage when the mage attacks an enemy champion. Dark Harvest is a scaling rune that allows the mage to harvest souls from fallen enemy champions, gaining bonus damage on their next attack.

2. Sorcery Runes

Sorcery runes focus on ability power and mana regeneration. The primary Sorcery runes are Summon Aery, Arcane Comet, and Phase Rush.

Summon Aery is a rune that shields an ally or damages an enemy when the mage damages the enemy champion. Arcane Comet sends a comet to the target location, dealing damage to all enemies in its radius. Phase Rush is a rune that provides the mage with bonus movement speed when they use their abilities, making it easier to dodge incoming enemy attacks.

3. Inspiration Runes

Inspiration runes provide mages with unique bonuses that aid them in the lane. The primary Inspiration runes are Unsealed Spellbook, Glacial Augment, and Kleptomancy.

Unsealed Spellbook allows the mage to change their summoner spells during the game. Glacial Augment applies a slow effect to enemy champions hit by the mage's basic attacks. Kleptomancy rewards the mage with bonus gold and consumables when they hit an enemy champion with an ability.

Secondary Mage Runes

Secondary mage runes provide players with additional bonuses that complement their primary runes. The two primary secondary mage runes are Resolve and Precision.

1. Resolve Runes

Resolve runes provide mages with additional health and defense. The primary Resolve runes are Demolish, Second Wind, and Revitalize.

Demolish allows the mage to damage enemy turrets when they deal damage to nearby champions or minions. Second Wind regenerates the mage's health over time when they take damage from enemy champions. Revitalize increases the effectiveness of the mage's shields and healing abilities.

2. Precision Runes

Precision runes provide mages with bonus attack speed and increased damage to low health enemies. The primary Precision runes are Presence of Mind, Legend: Alacrity, and Cut Down.

Presence of Mind increases the mage's maximum mana and restores mana when they get a kill or assist. Legend: Alacrity increases the mage's attack speed, making them more deadly in battle. Cut Down increases the mage's damage when they attack an enemy champion with more health than them.


In summary, understanding and mastering mage runes are essential in League of Legends. By customizing a mage's stats, players can unleash their champion's full potential and dominate the battlefield. Whether you prefer burst damage, ability power, or unique abilities, there is a rune for every play style. So, experiment with different rune combinations and discover the perfect setup for your champion. Good luck, and may the runes be with you!